The Joy Luck Club movie vs. novel: Which one I like most?

We were reading the novel The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan since the January. At first, I felt so afraid that the book would be difficult and boring. As I continued reading, it seemed that I become a character of the beautiful novel. The book represents Chinese mother and American daughter, whereas my mother and I are Bangladeshi. In spite of this, I could compare and contrast my own life and mothers experiences with the mothers and daughters of The Joy Luck Club. As I was going to the end of the book, it attracted me much. I kept thinking that what would happen next. At last, I finished it last week and had a mixed feelings, happy, unhappy, sad, joy, or emptiness. I could not have recognized. Finally, I felt that the book was one of the best books I have ever read. Then I watched the movie as Ms. Fatema promised to show it. I thought that I would not enjoy the movie as I have already read the novel. Then I assumed that as the book is somehow critical, I could understand the movie entirely. However, the movie was good and most of the Chinese women in the movie were beautiful. I really liked them not only for their appearance but also for their acting. I felt that the book’s pages were passing in the screen. When I finished the movie, I was confused. Which one is best? The movie or the book? Though there were some changes in the movie and it was not detailed like the book, I enjoyed it a lot. It shows that Lindo killed her son or Lena had another boyfriend, which was not mentioned in the book. However, the entire film has the same massage the book has. For that reason, I liked it. To be candid, the film made me cry. I could not help crying, when I watched the scene, Suyuan left her twin daughter. How pathetic the situation was! I will not forget it. Finally, I want to say that I enjoyed the movie literally, as I read the novel before. Though analyzing the book, giving tests and having questions even from the movie (tomorrow) make me tensed and restless, I want to thank Ms. Fatema to give us the chance to read and watch wonderful The Joy Luck Club.

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