After reading the epic poem Iliad, I feel a little sad because the writer ignores the women in the story. He doesn’t tell anything about the women how they feel when they were abducted by other people. For instance, the writer doesn’t tell us how Helen, Chryseis, and Briseis felt when they were taken away from their home. Since the beginning of the world, the women have been neglected by other people. Women don’t get respect from their society; no one cares about them.  However, the amazing thing is that they never fought for their rights. This is the main reason that they are lagging behind the men. Consequently, men are exploiting women and don’t give equal rights to them. We can see their condition by these two examples:

Firstly, Agamemnon refused to ransom Chyseis, his prize, so Achilles said that if he returned the prize (a woman), all armies would collect and redistribute their prizes and he would get three or four times more than the previous one. Just think about the conditions of women in that age when women didn’t have any choice for their husbands. They were distributed like objects; anyone could take advantage of them. However, no one took action against their acts. Many goddesses could have removed this bad social practice, but they hadn’t come forward.

Secondly, in our religious book Ramayana, the wife of Rama, protagonist of the story, had been kidnapped by Ravan, antagonist of the story. Therefore, there was a great war between them and Rama won the war. When his wife came out from Ravan’s prison, Rama said to give Agnipariksha (sit on the fire to make someone pure) to his wife.  He didn’t believe his wife whether she was pure or not. If she had not been pure, then she would have burnt on the fire. At that time, his wife didn’t object to this, and silently sat on the fire to show her purity. If she had objected to him, many women would have gotten courage from that to fight against the discrimination and injustice towards them.

These two incidents are not closely related to each other, but they give the idea that women’s conditions could have been better if our ancestors had taken actions against these customs. However, now women have the same positions as of men. They have made their positions in our society.

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