How Was the Movie?

So far in my life, I have seen many movies based on novels that I have never read. Moreover, after watching the movies I have always lost the interest of reading the novels. The Joy Luck Club is the first movie that I have seen after reading the novel. I have heard people saying that reading the novel always feels better than watching the movie. However, my perspective is different about that. I have always thought that watching movies better than reading the novels as I don’t have to imagine and think about how the scenes and situation would be like.

However, the movie The Joy Luck Club has changed my perspective to some extent.  Although I still prefer watching movies rather than reading novels, now I also beliefs that reading novel is a totally different experience.

While reading the novel The Joy luck Club, the way I had imagined the characters in my mind didn’t quite match with the characters in the movie. For example, I found Jing-mei’s character very amiable which I didn’t thought she would be. On the other hand, Waverly was more arrogant than I had thought. I found Lena and Rose very respectful to their mothers than they were in the novel. However, the mothers’ characters somehow match with my expectation.

 I also found some situations totally different than I had pictured in my mind. I thought that the misunderstandings and conflicts between mothers and daughters would be very extreme and intense in the movie as I had read in the novel. To my surprise, in the movie, the relationships between mothers and daughters weren’t portrayed very intensely which was quite satisfying for me to see. Also, the parlor scene between Waverly and her mother in the chapter “Double Face” was more interesting and emotional in the movie where they cry and smile together as they started to understand each other. Moreover, I also found the ending of Rose’s life very satisfying when she and her husband Ted became together again, which wasn’t mentioned in the novel. It was also very interesting to see that Lena got a new boyfriend after her broke up with Harold. However, the only thing that bothered me was the way Ying-ying killed her own child because I had read in the chapter “Waiting Between the Trees” that she aborts the child after being cheated by her husband.

In conclusion, I think the movie has given more satisfying endings to all the characters’ life than the novel. Although I have found the movie more pleasant and interesting than the novel, I have to agree that the novel was more detailed and thoughtful than the movie.

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