“If the bald person were a real doctor…”

To be frank, the more I read the The Joy Luck Club by
Amy Tan, the more I get confused. If I have interpreted correctly, mothers
(Suyan, An-mei, Lindo and Ying-ying) are trying to teach their daughters the
lessons of life. They want to show their daughters how to behave and how to
live. Mothers in this story usually are teaching their girls to be quiet, reserved,
and use their invisible power to discern the best way for combating the
problems. Mostly, it sounds awkward to me, because finally they cannot conquer,
they fail, they have failed in their marriage and relationship with others. We
see how Waverly and Jing-mei are scolding each other despite that they are
grown up now. Looking at the lives of these characters, we see almost all of
them have some failures in their lives. They cannot be the one they want;
mothers cannot bring their children up as they wished to. Suyuan wants her
daughter to be attached to her Chinese culture, while she shows up the opposite
and becomes a stranger to her mother and her culture because she has lived in
American society. Rose and Waverly, also do not fulfill their mothers’
expectations. Waverly undermines her mother’s rules and argues with her, even
she stops playing chess just because she wants her mother to apologies first.
We have a proverb in Persian which says,If the bald person were a real
doctor, first, he could cure his own baldness.” This proverb means that if
someone who pretends that knows everything and can do help others, indeed was
able to do that he shouldn’t have the same problem in his life since he knows
the answer. So why do I speak about this proverb! Well, in my idea, if these
mothers knew the secrets of life and were able to solve their problem with the tricks
that they teach their daughters, why their lives are so miserable? In the
chapter “ Megapies,” An-Mei’s mother advices An-Mei not to cry, but she,
herself, cries. She wants her daughter to follow her advice and not to show her
sadness and regrets, while she has not found the happiness of life with being
silent. I want to know what these mothers are going to tell their daughters. As
a result, it is really a nuisance when again they try to dictate the same tricks
and traits to their children. In my opinion they are repeating their history
over and over. Do you think the same or you think this story will end

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