Portrayal of a Novel as a Movie

After completing the novel The Joy Luck Club, I was thinking how this story would be in the movie because the writer of this novel Amy Tan portrays all the characters in an intricate way. I saw some movies which use the stories from various novels and I noticed that they just took the essence or important things which they needed. I kept it in my mind when I sat to watch this movie and eager to see how this novel turned itself into a movie!

A novel is a big canvas to analyze the characters than a movie, but a movie is probably rather stronger medium to visualize the written characters, and realize their acts vividly. However, what will it be when a novel is portrayed in a movie especially such a complex novel? When I started watching that movie I was eager to find out the answer of this question. I liked the way how all the main characters were introduced in a party of the “Joy Luck Club”, and told their stories by maintaining a sequence. I think this movie clearly showed that why this novel’s name was The Joy Luck Club than the book did!

I missed one symbol of this book when I was watching the movie and that was the red candle. It was a very important thing to symbolize the pain of sexism. The parables of the novel were used a bit differently in the movie. Especially I understood the fourth parable of the novel by watching this movie when Rose told that she was died 60 years ago by taking opium as if she was her own grandmother. It showed that how the spirit transferred generation to generation before it was too late. I was surprised when I saw that Jing-mei’s father gave her the swan feather, the symbol of hope of a mother. It was really a heart touching scene and presented the first parable in a different way. I think some themes of the novel were missed in the novel, for example, the idea of abortion. In the novel Ying-Ying aborted her child, but in the movie it was shown that she accidentally killed her child.

I never thought that I wept after watching this movie. However, I did not know when the drops of water rolled from my eyes at the end of the movie. I realized the pain of a mother, I realized the pain of a daughter, and I realized the pain of not seeing one’s own mother who was founded after many years, but dead. How heart touching it was to visualize all those things. This movie also helped me to realize that The Joy Luck Club became one of my favorite books which taught me to figure out the past conflict with my mother.

One Response to Portrayal of a Novel as a Movie

  1. iratahmid says:

    Yes, my friend you are right. When I read the novel I didn’t know that it can make me cry, but actually it did. After watching the movie I knew many things about Chinese culture: there dress, eating style, houses, country side etc. Moreover, this movie gives me some knowledge about the picture of the war time. However, the mother-daughter relationship also grabs my attention. In fact this movie helps me to understand the whole novel clearly.

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