Movie Analyzing: The Joy Luck Club

 I read the novel, The Joy Luck Club; I watched the movie, The Joy Luck Club. Although the movie is based on the novel The Joy Luck Club, I felt a quite different feeling after watching the movie. I know that it’s hard for the producer to portray the author’s feelings exactly in the movie; however, in this movie, the producer has made some changes that have influenced my mind differently.

            The most pathetic scene of the movie that watered my eyes is the death of Ying-Ying’s little baby. When I was reading this story in the novel, I didn’t feel so much sorrow because I thought it was her wise decision to abort the unborn child for revitalizing her own life. However, in the movie, I saw how Ying-Ying killed her son accidently when she was thinking of her bustard husband. I felt a strong pain for a mother. I think it’s the producer’s wise decision to change this scene because it’s more heart-touching than the idea of abortion.

            Two important things from the novel that the producer omitted is the story of “The Red Candle” and “The Moon Lady”. I think these are the most important things to show the audiences because these stories bear a great message of the gender discrimination stereotypes. These two stories also symbolize the old Chinese traditions.

            Finally, the producer portrayed the stories of the parables in the movie very wisely. We see the swan’s feather in Jing-Mei’s hand from the parable “Feather’s from a Thousand Li away.”` Also, when Rose says to her husband Ted that she was died 60 years ago taking opium, we find the idea of rebirth as it is portrayed in the parable “Queen Mother of the Western Skies”.

            In conclusion, in comparison to the novel, the movie shows happy endings for each of the daughter-mother’s story. However, some of the main themes of the novel such as emigration problem, language problem, superstition, and Chinese tradition are not clearly portrayed in the movie.

One Response to Movie Analyzing: The Joy Luck Club

  1. Hi Tausifa:
    I am agree with you. I also think the same. Some scenes are new in the movie; for example, the movie explain a little bit more about the parables. However, the book explains the chapters in detail and provides deep knowledge about the characters. On the other hand, the movie skips many parts of the book.

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