” Mamma, where are you?”

It was the time when the World War II was destroying everything in China. We, the twin daughters of Lee family were watching our mamma Suyuan then. She was afraid as an officer of the Kuomintang secretly warned her that the Japanese were coming to kill our family. We were not afraid as our mamma would never let anyone to harm us. We, two were laughing towards her because we knew that it would relief mama at least for a while. In the middle of the night, she picked up us and fled on foot. We were not crying so much though we were hungry. It was because we could understand that our mamma was suffering from dysentery and she was becoming sick. Her hands were bleeding from blisters because she had been carrying us in the cart for a long time. At last our mama gave up. She felt that she was about to die. We were apples of her eyes, and she could not even think of living without us, but she abandoned us only for our sake. She was telling us “It’s better not to die next to you. Nobody saves babies with such bad luck. Who wants two babies with ghost mother following them?” Saying this she was crying and left us. It was the result of our mamma’s good intention which led one farmer family to take us and look after us for many years.

Many years have passed by. Now, finally we have found our mamma. She wrote in her letter that she will come to meet with us today, and our younger sister Jing-mei also will come with her. We can’t wait anymore. At last, the moment comes. The plain has arrived, and we are so excited to seeing our mamma whom we lost when we are not even one year old. But, where is our mamma? Only a girl is coming towards us, and she is may be Jing-mei. We understand that our mamma will never come to see us as she has already gone to the place from where no one can return. Jing-mei comes and hugs us. We feels that our mamma hugs us. Dear mamma, can you hear us? Are you watching us? You must be happy seeing we three sisters   become united forever. We have fulfilled your long cherished desire, Mamma, by being together. We know Mamma; you are here, beside us forever.

One Response to ” Mamma, where are you?”

  1. vythai says:

    Dear Tasnia,
    your blog is so beautiful that i couldn’t keep my eyes away from it. You create a good world without enemies or revenge. Like Jing-mei, her sisters are also altruistic. The family is an epitome of altruism, isn’t it? I hope everything is like you say that they come to know their mother heart as Jing-mei did. I also hope that every children in the world will understand their mothers through your blog. So great.

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