I See You, The Joy Luck Club

I didn’t know what feelings I had when I watched the movie The Joy Luck Club. Even though there were some certain differences between the film and the book, this film displayed the main idea that Tan shows in the tangible book The Joy Luck Club, and all stories were still very touching.

Through those characters’ illustrations and memories, I felt that I was reading The Joy Luck Club again. I could see the mothers’ sorrows in China; they were controlled by the rules of society as well as the situations they lived in. As for the daughters, they lived in America but had some qualities that gained from their Chinese mothers. All characters were struggling with their lives; they had to face many challenging things such as looking for their identities and what they wanted. Also, the conflicts between mothers and daughters were shown in a touching way, which caught most part of my attention.

I remember that when Jing-mei and her mother Suyuan had a talk in the kitchen after the crab dinner, Jing-mei said that Suyuan didn’t know Jing-mei’s thoughts. Then, Suyuan replied, “I see you,” and she repeated this sentence a few times. I suddenly understood something –“I see you”—from the depth of Suyuan’s heart. Even though Suyuan had communication problems with her daughter, and she always encouraged her daughter to try to be a prodigy, she could see her daughter’s best quality –unselfishness. Indeed, I think all mothers in this film understood their daughters. Daughters often felt that their mothers always had power to control all the things they did. I think the power of their mothers came from understanding, hopes, and of course, love. Those daughters didn’t realize it until they became aged and faced problems with their marriages and careers. When the mothers told their painful stories about their past in China, they passed their hopes and spirit to their daughters, which created a way for them to walk out of troubles and found what they really wanted. “I see you” was the power the mothers had as well as the bond between two generations. I can see that the daughters understood their mothers in the end, and I’m sure they wanted to give their mothers a hug, saying, “Mom, I also see you.”

As it was a film that lasted less than two hours, it definitely could not contain everything showing in a 332-page book. However, it still has the power to teach people a lot of things related to generations, cultures, and love. I dare not to say that I have understood everything in this film or this book, but I hope and try to use the knowledge I have learned from The Joy Luck Club in my real life, and tell all the characters, “I see you, The Joy Luck Club.”

One Response to I See You, The Joy Luck Club

  1. vythai says:

    Dear Mei,
    Have I ever told you that I love your way of writing very much? Really, it seems like your thought flow smoothly from the beginning to the end. I feel like somebody is telling a story for me. I cannot describe that feeling completely but it is so great.
    When I watched the movie, I first felt frustrated because it couldn’t express all of the plots from the novel. However, you gave me another aspect of the movie. I could remember the time when Suyuan said, “I see you.” Your feeling and observation are so thorough to capture that moment. You made me think about my way to see something.
    Your blog is so good that I feel sad because I don’t have chance to read another one.

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