The Difference between the Movie and the Book

When I watched The Joy Luck Club movie after reading the book, I realized that it is very hard to make a movie based on a novel.  In the book the writers can explain about the characters, but they have to be very concise in the movie. Therefore, the movie is very intricately and succinctly composed by the director. It is overt that the movie left out some plots of the book; however, it also adds a little information. Thus, we can say that the movie is not exact a copy of the book. There are a few differences between the movie and the book. Some are listed below.

Firstly, I want to discuss about the things which are missing in the movie but present in the book. Some chapters are missing in the movie. For example, the chapter “The Moon Lady” is missing in the movie. Secondly, the movie doesn’t tell us how Ying-Ying’s first husband died and how she spent her life in a village and married with another person, but these are written in the book. Thirdly, it is not mentioned in the movie that Mei Ching and Mei Han saved the lives of the twin babies of Suyuan. However, it is mentioned in the book. In addition, the movie doesn’t tell how Lindo went to America and encountered with An-Mei in the fortune cookie shop. After that she married with a Cantonese friend. The movie also doesn’t show Waverly’s first husband, Marvin, and her idea to abort her child, Shoshana.

Now, I want to discuss about the things which are missing in the book, but are present in the movie. Firstly, the movie talks a lot about the feather of the swan. The movie says that Suyuan kept the feather for her daughter, but in the book the feature is only present in the first parable. Secondly, Rose had told her husband that she is her grandmother. She died 60 years ago because she poisoned herself with opium.

Another difference is that, in the book, June went to China with her father by an airplane. However, in the movie, June went to China alone by a water ship. Anyway, I enjoyed both the book and the movie. However, after watching the movie, I clearly understand the story of the novel.

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