The Mid-autumn Festival

Amy Tan portrays the third greatest festival of the Chinese people in “The Moon Lady,” as a single separate chapter in The Joy Luck Club. Therefore, her approach clearly implies how important the Moon festival is for the Chinese people. Before I researched for my essay (that we have recently done), I was thinking that Tan has created the story of the Moon Lady by herself to make the novel more intricate and convincing. However, after research, I got to know that the Chinese people really commemorate the Mid-autumn festival on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar with profuse excitement and extravagance like we celebrate Bijaya Dashami in Nepal.

Moreover, I enjoyed reading the small drama in the chapter in which some people pretend to be the Moon Lady, whereas some pretend to be her husband Hou Yi. Firstly, I was thinking that they created the play making the main character the Moon Lady just because of the Festival, but I had thought that from where the concept came. During my research, I read detailed information about the festival, and knew that the story in the drama is one of the most popular legends about the existence of the Moon Lady.

 According to the legend, once, there were ten suns in the sky, so the Emperor ordered a bowman to destroy nine of the suns. Meanwhile, I was a bit distracted. I was thinking, oh! What would happen if there were really ten suns? I am sure I wouldn’t be here reading about the Moon festival. Even the imagination is making me sweat and shudder, what if I am exposed to ten suns in real life? I would be converted into ash within a fraction of a second. Coming back from the distraction, I continued to read about the topic that after the archer, Hou Yi had done what he was supposed to do; the Emperor bestowed him an immortality pill. Unfortunately, his wife finds the pill and takes it. As a result, she is banished to stay in the moon. Since then the couple have been separated from one another and meet only on the night of the mid-autumn night. Hence, this festival is celebrated to admire the meeting of the couple.

I could just imagine how amazing it would be to meet the husband after a year long departure.

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One Response to The Mid-autumn Festival

  1. nusrat4 says:

    Wow! It’s interesting!I am surprised to learn that there are such types of stories in China.When i read The Moon Lady, like you, i also thought that Amy had included this story to make the novel interesting and to show how identity can be lost. By reading your blog, now i learned that it’s a true story. However, i am little bit confused. Is Hou yi that bowman whom the emperor ordered?

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