Suyuan’s Soul

“Mama, Mama,” my daughters were murmuring. They are warmly embracing each other. I am on the other side watching all of them with tears of happiness in my eyes. This is what I had wanted to see, to see the three of you united as sisters.  Jing-Mei, you fulfilled my long cherished dream of finding the two of your sisters. I am happy to see you all pleased to see each other. Even though they could not see me while I was alive, my heart has always been longing for your presence since the moment I left the two of you near the road side.  It is not that I left you because I didn’t want the two of you, but I was left with no other option. However, I regretted a lot after leaving two of you behind. Every day and night, I thought of various strategies to find the two of you.  I wrote to many of my friends, so that I can find you two as soon as possible. Unfortunately, no matter how much I wrote to them, their reply was always hopeless. Even after several failure of not being able to get small information, I still tried my best to find the two of you until I could not take the pain any longer. Now, you have found your sister Jing Mei and father Canning. They will take care of the two of you. I am very proud of Jing-Mei. She has the best quality of selflessness and I want Jing-Mei to teach them the sense of selflessness and generosity.  Canning, my husband, with the Polaroid in his hand, is busy taking snapshots of my three daughters. You are a man of pure heart I had ever met. Canning, I am very thankful for your silent understanding. You didn’t tell me about my daughters because you thought I would feel ashamed and guilty. Moreover, I am sorry for not telling the truth that I was trying all those years to find my daughters. Now, I am satisfied that Jing Mei had fulfilled my unfinished mission. It is time for me to go… and a strong wind blew in the direction where the four of them were laughing and wiping tears from each other’s eyes. With the flash of the wind, Canning saw Suyuan rising into the sky with a satisfied smile and waving farewell. “Suyuan, your soul had wondered a lot to find these two kids, but they are found. It is time you rest your soul in peace and take refuge in the paradise of Lord Buddha,” Canning said.

One Response to Suyuan’s Soul

  1. Masooma says:

    Dear Tenkar,
    I really enjoyed reading your creative post where you put yourself instead of Suyuan. I also thought about how those years has passed for a mother who had left her two young babies alone beside a road, during the war. It might have been very difficult for her, but she had to make a decision to go and find help. Now, that her daughters have found each other, her spirit can rest in peace. It was a really happy ending. I liked it.

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