Relationship in Academic Curriculum

Do you think it is necessary to include a relationship curriculum in our academy? Why is it useful to know about relationships in broad? According to the article, “Relationship 101”, students are found to be more liable to learn about the internal relationship than the physical relationship. As physical education has already been included in schools, adolescents are more aware of how conscious they need to be regarding physical relationship. On the other hand, they are naive in handling relationship problems. They do not get advice on how to handle a relationship when it degenerates. Many students are found to have keen interest on learning how to handle their relationship.

Marline Pearson, a sociologist who teaches Couples’ Relationships at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin, is working to start a curriculum regarding relationship for high school students. According to her, not only the undergraduate students are affected by it, but also the high school students are having problems in understanding their relationship status. The youth of today are affected by the conditions of their ruining relationships the most. Due to the degrading relationships in the couples, they are vulnerable to serious problems like depression, frustration, as well as stress and anxiety. The effects of these problems can lead the youth to critical situations such as their interest in different fields may degrade. Similarly, the concentration on studies may decline when a person keeps on thinking about his ruining relationships. The relationship curriculum does not only teach about the issues of straight relationships but also that of homosexual relationships, which is a big problem among many youths who can’t share this situation with others. Furthermore, it is also seen that some of the students learning the course are able to save their ruining relationship.

In my view, it is necessary for every student to gain knowledge regarding relationships and it will be great if the relationship curriculum is acclimatized in school because school students are most susceptible getting mentally tortured by a ruining relationship as they experience it for the first time in the school days. In addition, many people, whether they be adolescents or adults, when they face problems arising in their relationships, they seek advice from their peers, who are not expert, on knowing about handling relationships. Thus, if the relationship curriculum is permitted in academics, many people will be able to manage their relationship status and help themselves.

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