My response to The Joy Luck Club

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan is a motivating novel written with the perspective of both Chinese mothers and American daughters. The relationship between mothers and daughters is portrayed very truly in this novel. Problems and conflicts in relationship can occur due to the generation gap in families. The author has successfully described the universal themes such as, migration issues, daily household problems, relationship between husband and wife, and relationship between mother and daughters in the novel. The idea of Chinese culture is predominating in the novel but at the same time American culture is also reflected. Furthermore, the organization of the novel is fabulous and the coherent presentation of events made me feel connected with the characters. The author has well described the life of immigrant families and the problems they face due to the difference in culture. Moreover, the struggle they face in adapting in the new culture with new generations is also clearly shown in the novel.

While reading through this novel, I reminisced about the days I had spent with my mom. The secrets we have shared with each other have made us more connected. Though we do not have the migrant experience like the mothers in the novel but the idea of generation gap was also one of the problems in our life. The beliefs that my mother had about me and our family was somehow different than mine. She had some beliefs like Ying-ying has in the novel. She also used to predict my future through my actions as well as appearance. When I as a child I also used to think her beliefs were irrational like Lena in the novel. However, I cannot ignore the fact that she has always guided me to the right directions and has always supported me when I am in need. Despite the fact that the way of perceiving things were different, the purpose and the result was the same. As time elapsed and I grew old, I realized that there is no one in the world who can know me better that she does. I am a part of her gradually inheriting her traits and accepting them like the daughters does in the end of the novel.

Thus, my identity is totally connected with my mother and I am proud of how I am because of her.

Digya Shrestha

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