My best character “Jing-Mei”

I found the novel, The Joy Luck Club, really interesting. Amy Tan beautifully describes about the plots, characters, and stories in the novel. There are altogether eight characters in the novel, but the one that fascinated me a lot was of Jing-Mei’s.

In the entire novel, Jing-Mei stands out from other daughters because she has a voice for her deceased mother and a remarkably eccentric story comparing to other daughters. The novel begins with Jing-Mei’s narration about the Joy Luck Club, started by her mother, Suyuan. In fact, the name of the novel and the first chapter narrated by Jing-Mei is similar, which hints Jing-Mei to be the protagonist of the novel. Unlike other daughters in the novel, Jing-Mei is an epitome of altruism. Her action of choosing a bad crab and allowing her mother to have a good one echoes that she is noble. Although her mother is dead, she seems to know her mother’s secrets and is more attached to her. Indeed, she is the only daughter in the novel who gets an opportunity to replace her mother’s place in the club. This shows that Amy Tan, the writer of the novel, herself acknowledges Jing-Mei to be the main character of the novel.
I liked Jing-Mei the most because her story is unique. In the first chapter, she talks about her mother, Suyuan’s story and tries to know her secrets. Suyuan had to leave her husband and two twin daughters before coming to America. Unfortunately, she dies before finding her daughters; therefore, Jing-Mei becomes responsible to search and bring them back. The first story maintains secret about what happens to the two babies and whether Jing-Mei will be able to meet them. Later, the story continues at the end, where the secrets are disclosed and Jing-Mei makes her journey to China to meet her sisters. Hence, the ending of the novel with Jing-Mei’s story provides a happy ending for the novel itself.

Besides, Jing-Mei is not married, so she does not have to endure any kind of problem of marriage. None of the daughters in the novel has a good relation with their husbands. They are either divorced or dissatisfied with their relation, while Jing-Mei is single and is happy with her life. All of the daughter’s marriage are distorted which shows similarity in their story as their story becomes repetitive and boring.

Finally, what values to be a daughter is to be able to fulfill one’s mother’s dream, which only Jing-Mei is able to accomplish. Unlike other daughters, she becomes successful to go to China, meet her sisters, and complete her mother’s “long cherished wish” (323). Since Jing-Mei exemplifies a good daughter, I liked her character the most.

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