Mothers and daughters

I believe a relationship between a mother and a daughter is beautiful. It is something that every woman values, even men. A mother/daughter relationship is incredible because the daughters will as well become one, a mother. It is a wonderful cycle and I think it is amazing that a woman gets to experience it.The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan wasn’t just an ordinary book, it was about the intricate bond between a mother and a daughter. It was something everyone could have related to. The differences and disagreement between a mother and daughter is portrayed in the book. Whatever the consequences maybe, it is hard to separate a mother from her daughter and vice versa.

A mother/daughter relationship can turn into a beautiful friendship. For me, my mother is my best friend. She and I are inseparable. My mom and I enjoy doing a lot of things together, like watching a movie, cooking, shopping, and watching the sun set. We spent time together, she gives me my space and always endeavors me to accomplish new things. Mothers, I believe, are our backbone. They might get annoying sometimes but they are our own flesh and blood.

Not every mother/daughter relation is successful. Some choose to live different lives because of personal reasons, and I feel that should not happen. What about those who don’t have mothers? I think one should consider carefully about how to maintain a healthy relationship with one’s mother. There will be fights and arguments, but these are very foolish excuse to end the beautiful relation. Who said everything is perfect, nothing is perfect. There will be difficulties in a relationship, let it be between a husband and wife or a father and son. However, it depends on how you examine those problems. If you let the little differences get in your way, it will end terribly. One should be positive in order to live happily with the people one loves.

Sometimes youth often take mothers for granted. They doesn’t seem to care about the love of their mother. I have a friend who often fights with her mother. She thinks her mother is always poking in her business. I know my friend is wrong because I have seen it. Her mother is just trying to help her. My friend has had some problems in high school. She got involved with some bad company in school. I tried to warn her but she never took a time to listen. She became someone her mother did not expect her to be. To be blunt, that girl was addicted to drugs. Her mother never gave up on her. Her mother was so determined to save her daughter that she quit her job to stay with her. She was there the whole time, visiting her to the rehab. I just hope my friend realizes what her mother must have goner through, instead of commenting on her.

Intricate relationship it maybe between a mother and a daughter, but one beautiful relation it is.

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Student at the Asian University for Women.

One Response to Mothers and daughters

  1. tdenkar says:

    Hi Tandee, you have portrayed a very perceptive writing on the relationship between mothers and daughters. Well, i agree with you that mothers are our supporting “backbones.” I have also experienced certain misunderstanding with my mother, but it doesnt mean anything. Like what you said, i would say that no matter how much problems and misconceptions occurs between a mothr and a daughter, it doesnt mark any mark in our heart. Afterall, we cant live without each other. I liked the way you described your relation with your mother. It is extremely beautiful to spentd time with our mother. 🙂

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