His and Hers and Our!!!

The article “Talk in the Intimate Relationship: His and Hers,” discussed obstacles and misunderstandings that cause conflicts and arguments between couples. According to the article, women are liable to “read between the lines” that means that they believe and behave in romantic ways. “Why don’t you ask me how my day was?” Harriet said to Morton, her husband (212). Without saying anything, women want to be understood. They want others to concern about them, to discern their differences, and to ask them about the reasons for the differences.  On the other hand, men are liable to be reserve; indeed, they only say what deserves to be said. They think that love is expressed through actions, not speech. Therefore, they rarely talk about themselves or motivate their couples to share their stories. For instance, Morton retorted Harriet, “If you have something to tell me, tell me. Why do you have to be invited?” (Ibid.) Different perspectives, different thoughts, and different feelings, but why men and women are still attracted by each other? I wonder why they know that lives after weddings are hells, but they still feel happy to go the hells. They know that marriages are holes of quarrels and difficulties; however, why do they accept to marry? Why? Perhaps, human nature is the best answer for the questions. In fact, all of us are so curious that we always endeavor to discover enigmas. The more mysterious a thing is, the more interest we have in order to find out it. Therefore, if all men are like us: attitudes, thoughts, and feelings, are we still interested in them? And are we still encouraged to discern dark corners that are concealed inside their hearts? If men are also talkative like us, who will the listeners be in quarrels and arguments? Everything is balance, isn’t it? We are born with the mission to perfect ourselves and one another, so we have to live with others to correct their mistakes and vice versa. Let’s appreciate others’ best qualities and accept their mistakes because we even have more bad attributes than them. If we can live in harmony with each other, we can savor small happiness in simple lives.

One Response to His and Hers and Our!!!

  1. roksanahasib says:

    What a good observation Tram. Whatever you said is very true. The whole universe is about balancing. If men and women all had same qualities and characteristics, they would not ever be interested in each other. As they are different, they never feel boring which motivate them to keep up their interest to explore each other. The natures the wife doesn’t have get fullfilled by the husband and husband’s lackings are get completed by the wife. Thus they share a balance and complete relationship. Moreover, also the conflicts and misunderstandind they share due to their different natures also add extra flavour in their relationship. So, i think differences are important in a perfect relationship.

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