Effectual role of death Suyuan

In the story The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, Suyuan seemed to have effective role in spite of her death from the beginning of the story. Her daughter spoke for her and it gave clear view of her life as effectively as other mothers did who spoke for their own story. In fact, after watching the movie The Joy Luck Club, I found that the death of Suyuan made this story more effective and more interesting. In the beginning of film, I felt sorry for Jing Mei as she was the only person to be alone without her mother while taking photograph; rest of other daughters were with their mothers and were busy in preparing each other for the photograph. In the other side, Jing Mei was standing alone and she seemed to be sad in absence of her mother, but in the process of travelling of Jing Mei to China and at the time of meeting her step sisters, I felt as it was better that Jing Mei met those lost two twins sisters instead of Suyuan. If Amy Tan had chosen Suyuan to be a person to meet those lost babies, Jing Mei would not realize her mother’s feeling. May be Jing Mei would never understand her mother as her mother would be busy in searching her step sisters and she would not get a chance to have sufficient time to spend with her mother. As a result of which, Jing Mei would not get a chance to know her mother.

In addition, if Suyuan was to be person to meet those babies, I would not have been as curious as I had been for Jing Mei. I was curious whether Jing Mei would be accepted by her step sisters or not. It was obvious in case of Suyuan that she would be accepted by her daughters as they were part of her and they were told about her mother from their childhood. Furthermore, the death of Suyuan was indirect cause of returning of Jing Mei to China as she wanted to visit China to meet those sisters and fulfill her mother’s wish to get those sisters back. So, I found the death of Suyuan more effective from various aspects in this story.

One Response to Effectual role of death Suyuan

  1. tasnia says:

    Dear Nikita, I also feel the same watching the movie Joy Luck Club. May be some ones can blame Suyuan for leaving her babies beside the road. But it’s true that she left them only because of her love for them. When I was watching Jing-mei hugging her two twin sisters, i couldn’t stop myself crying. I was also feeling the happiness of finding lost family.

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