24 Years Later

             Thursday 28, 2011

              I was so tired after we had a big party with elaborate Chinese food. You know, the Hsus, the Jongs, and the Clairs have been here [China] for one week, and we have just returned from a long journey for visiting the Great Wall, the Forbidden Citadel and other famous places in China, our beautiful country. It was so ecstatic that we have already promised that we would take a trip together annually in every August. Next time, we have decided to come to Cox’es Bazar in Bangladesh. We also want to visit Nepal, Bhutan, and others countries in Asia.

               I haven’t written to you since last week because I forgot to bring this diary. Forgive me, please. But I have a lot of things to tell you. You know that we, the members of four families, haven’t met since I settled here in 1989, the year that altered my life. I have always thought that you were the one who helped me to meet him. When I was visiting you in the American cemetery, I first saw Xiao Ming, your present son-in-law, cry beside his American father’s grave. Later, we surprisingly encountered a few times, and in the same year, we got marriage. You used to say that I had never chosen the best one, but I believe that our marriage is the best decision that I have ever made. We have a lot of similarities. Can you imagine that he knows almost exactly what you said to me about my quality? He reminded a lot of you.

                  Sorry Ma, I seemed to talk a lot about the past, but that memory filled me with nostalgia. Ah, next week, we have an inclination to celebrate your granddaughter’s birthday, Le [Happy], and inevitably, all of our guests will be invited, even Waverly. Now, we no longer argue like before, but make fun of that time. We were so absurd to ridicule each other in the past, weren’t we? Ah, have I told you about my historical Chinese friends? Lena found the way to heal her marriage, and Waverly is now a mother of two children, one girl and one boy. I forgot to tell you that Rose couldn’t join us because she had to go to Vietnam for her business. Yet she already gave me her word that she would come here by Sunday to wish our Le luck for her eighteenth birthday. You also need to wish her luck and say “sheng ri kuaile,” happy birthday, to her. Mom, if you were here, I would completely understand you. I have learnt Chinese since I came here. Xiao Ming also taught me a lot. I almost forget; Le is so shrewd that she can speak both English and Chinese fluently. She likes to learn to play the violin, which is her alternative. She is also obedient, not adamant like me before. You might have been weary of me. Sorry Ma.

              Tomorrow, I am going to sing a Chinese song. Can you believe? Being a little bit nervous, but I think I can do well. Simultaneously, I will give her your diary as a gift because I want her to know more about you.

              See you tomorrow. Xiao xin, take care, Ma. Please give my regards to auntie An-mei also.


One Response to 24 Years Later

  1. ansadhikari says:

    Your blog is wonderfully written. I salute to your imaginary power. I liked this a lot. Moreover, the daughter, Le, haha..it’s so funny. I know Le, she is my roommate, and she also loves to play violen. This a very interesting story for me to read. I am sorry that our blog is only for 11 weeks, but if you write more such stories, then i would like to read more.
    All the best for your exams,

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