Response to The Joy Luck Club

After finishing the novel, The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan, I am really happy with the endings of the mothers’ and daughters’ story and their relationship with each other. As a whole, this novel did not fascinate me, but while reading the last section i.e. “Queen Mother of the Western Skies”, I could not help myself reading it non-stop. A feeling of enthusiasm that was lacking in previous sections suddenly elicited. At first, my view for all the mothers was not that positive which I had after going through the last section. Though the way of loving their daughters is different and a bit strange, truth is that they loved their daughters and sacrificed a lot for their daughters.

Tan has been successful to show the relationship between mothers and daughters, the problems faced by the migrants, values and life style of Chinese culture in an elegant way. Nevertheless, I think, the writer has only focused on the dark side of life— only pain, sacrifices, hardships and conflicts have been shown. In my view, the novel would have been more interesting if the flavors of happiness, achievements, and love have been introduced in greater extent. Many times I couldn’t connect myself to this novel due to the same story line of all the mothers and daughters. I believe no one in this world would have life full of only struggles, conflicts, and tears. Though hardships come time and again, joy, happiness, and achievements are also part of our life which this novel has failed to show in my view. It talks about the success, happiness based on food, competition, and body images. But the happiness that is shared with families, the moments that we cherish forever, and the life without criticism has not been talked about.

As I couldn’t relate this novel to my life completely, the occurrence and events in this novel seemed dramatic to me. The sorrows and conflicts could be related, but I was in search of those sweet and warm feelings which exist in the relationship between mother and daughter. I couldn’t find that feeling except the sacrifices and hidden love – not expressed. All the emotions have been expressed in a complicated way and lingering between past and present make this novel more complicated. Nevertheless, to be honest, I enjoyed reading only the last section because the secrets have been revealed in a very fascinating way.

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