Response to “Double Face”

“Double Face” is one of the chapters from The Joy Luck Club written by Amy tan. In this chapter, the mother, Lindo Jong, and her daughter, Waverly Jong, begins to “talk” each other’s language and starts to understand each other more profoundly. Ying- Ying realizes that it was her fault to expect her daughter to learn Chinese culture in American circumstances. She comes to know that it’s very difficult for oneself to practice one’s culture in another country, where everything including language, clothing, and thinking, is different (289). However, Lindo Jong didn’t have any bad intentions for expecting her daughter to learn Chinese culture in America. She loves her daughter more than herself. Her willingness to cut her hair for her daughter’s happiness indicates her true love for her daughter. Lindo Jong tends to show the difference between “American face” and “Chinese face”. She lost her “Chinese face” while migrating from china to America. She appears to be saying that people with “Chinese face” are more candid, sincere, and unprofessional compared to the people with the “American face”. Although she didn’t like American culture as much as she liked her Chinese culture, she somehow accepted some American culture. She realized it when she went back to China, where the Chinese authorities charged her foreign prices (304).Her daughter, Waverly, taught her that both of them look “devious”, double faces, and it’s a good sign if they know how to get what they want.  Waverly also starts to love Chinese culture.

I liked this chapter especially when Lindo Jong tells about how her daughter felt ashamed of her. It’s because I too had a same experience. When I was in pre primary school, I always ask my father to sign on my test papers and result sheets. When teachers invite our parents to come for a meeting, I used to remind my father again and again about the meeting. I never asked my mother to come. Do you know why? It was because my mother doesn’t know how to write her signature. My friend’s used to back bite about those student’s parents who used their thumbs to sign on the papers. I felt bad, and in order to keep my dignity, I never invited my mother to my school. However, I never thought about how bad she might have felt. Lindo Jong made me to realize my selfish act. I put my mother in Lindo Jong’s shoes and went back to the past. I saw my mother being hurt by her only daughter.  I felt deeply remorse. Thank you, Lindo Jong, for teaching me a lesson. I promise to never hurt my mother again because I am a big girl now.


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