Knowing your Mother

How well do you feel connected to your mother? Do you know your mother’s history before you were born? Or before your father met her?

After reading the section, “Queen Mothers of the Western Skies” in the novel The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tam, I started to love mother even more than before. The last section of the novel has indirectly but strongly said that no matter what, mothers always want their children to be good. Many times, we may feel indignant towards our mother like Jing-mei feels for being forced for piano class. We can also see Waverly blaming her mother for her failed marriage. The daughters in the novel have no idea what their mothers’ life had been like before they were born. We can take Lena as the example. She thinks that her mother, as a poor girl, was rescued by her father. She does not know that her mother was born and brought up in a rich family in China, and her father had courted her for four years. On the other hand, Suyuan stands for a mother’s love and hope for her long-lost daughters. Despite of long years of disappointment, she had the hope of finding her lost two daughters in China.

Reading between the lines of the novel, I imagined my mother sitting on a sofa in the sitting room with me on her lap and telling me how her life had been before she was married to my father. It is from that day, five years before, I feel that I am a part of my mother and that she  lives within me. That day, she had given me a part of herself like Ying-Ying thinks of giving Lena her tiger spirit recollecting all her past and pain. My mother did not have a tiger spirit like Ying-Ying to give me, but her childhood memories of being born in a rich family like Ying-Ying. Before my mother gave me her spirit, I too used to listen to others as Waverly, and as a matter of fact, I did hurt her too.

So, after my own experience and the stories of the novel, I can tell that mothers never ever think evil of their children. In fact, childrren should try to communicate to them and know about their history that will make us aware about the ups and downs in life and we can feel more connected to them.


One Response to Knowing your Mother

  1. What a heart touching response, Munna! With every words that you have written, I felt closer and closer to my mom. I too find the last section of this novel satisfying and lovely. The sacrifices, the hidden love, and all those hardships that the mothers have gone through for their daughters, are truly appreciable. The way you have connected this novel with the relationship between you and your mother, is so lovely. It is true that mothers are always special in every daughters’ lives. I too remember my mom guiding me through my difficult phases, holding my hands, and staying awake whole night due to my ill health. She is the only one who always have been there whenever I need her. My best friend, my world and my identity somewhere and somehow are reflected from my mom and I really feel proud to have a mom like her.

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