Embarrassing Mothers

When I read the story “Double Face” by Amy Tan, I felt pity for Lindo Jong. Waverly was talking to her in front of the hairstylist like Lindo was a deaf or couldn’t understand English. Lindo was feeling ashamed of herself that her old-fashioned appearance was embarrassing her daughter. It is true that sometime our parent’s behavior or appearance embarrasses us in front of our friends, but it’s not fair to behave with them like they are worthless. We can just avoid or overlook the situation when they embarrass us in front of others. Lindo smiled back to Waverly when she talked with her like she is a frail old lady. Actually, she was ashamed of herself, and to hide that she just used her American face, so that her daughter didn’t understand her feeling.  So, it means that though Waverly was Lindo’s daughter, she didn’t understand her mother. Again, she was blaming herself for that because she was not able to raise Waverly properly. Sometimes, parents’ upbringing is responsible for a child’s this kind of rude behavior. So, it is better to teach children how to respect their parents at an early age.

The story reminded me of one incident when I paid a visit to one of my friends home. Normally my friend was very soft-spoken and polite to us. Suddenly, her mother came to serve us snacks and talked with us a little bit. While talking with us she commented about something that was not plausible. Suddenly my friend got angry and shouted loudly at her mother. I was shocked at her this kind of behavior which was totally unexpected. I can’t even think about talking to my mother like that. I don’t know how her mother felt at that time, but I really felt it embarrassing. I left her home right after that.

Fortunately, I have never faced this kind of situation. On the contrary, my parents intentionally want to embarrass me in front of my friends because of the mass I create in my bedroom. Nothing in my room is placed orderly. That’s why when my friends come to visit me, my mother shows them my bedroom and wants to embarrass me. Then instead of embarrassment I grin so widely as if it’s a credit to make a bedroom mass. So, the trick of my mother to make me organized doesn’t work at all and my bedroom continues to be a mass. 😀

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