Response to “Relationships 101”

“Oh! Are you MAD?? How do you expect that love can be learned?!!!? What a terrible thinking!!” I know some of you may retort me in this way if I tell you love can be learned!! It will be more accurate if I say love is a natural emotion which we have by born, but it will never be expressed if we do not know how it can be expressed. I get to know this from “Relationships 101”, an article from TIME, shows that how love can be taught in classroom as a formal course, but in informal way! It is very interesting to know, right?

Really I thrilled by reading such an article about which I never think that love can be taught in classroom! This article is about relationship counseling. It also introduces the readers with a new idea of teaching about couple relationships which is run by Marline Pearson, who is a sociologist. She teaches it in a formal setup which is really a new initiative for those people who suffers “relationship problem”. In newspaper I often see that there is a column for advising people who face problem in their relationships. I read and think how much complex it can be to handle and keep a healthy and perfect relationship. In our personal life we also often have same kind of problems, but we do not know how we can overcome these problems without hurting anyone by going in a sensible way. If we know the tactics of managing smooth relationship it will be easier for us to handle it.

I know there is debate that love cannot be taught. Maybe it is true, but is it always true? If we do not see any person to love and care for us then how can we learn that what is “love”? It is probably ridiculous to think in that way expressing love can be taught in the classroom. However, if we do not know how we can perfectly express our loving feeling, so how can others know about our emotions? Do they ever realize we have “love” for them? I think Pearson’s course is very significant in that sense. There is no any smooth way to go through a relation. Often we encounter with several problems in the path of a relationship. It is more important to know how we express our love, how we can go through our problems, and how we can balance between emotion and reality in a relationship. Formal relationship counseling can give us the support to seek the answers of our questions, and make us to realize that, “Oh! Yes, love can be taught in a classroom!”

One Response to Response to “Relationships 101”

  1. yogeauw says:

    Hi samia,
    You have brought a good reason here that class teaches us how to love and yes i too support that love can be taught in the class.
    The ‘Love’ that we learn in the class teaches us how to practice it in a better and more effective way. Class would teach us the logics to have a relationship- be it any kind of relation. It guides us to approach it and handle with care. The thing that we learn in hte class makes us clear about the responsibilities ans why they are important to learn. 😀

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