“Waiting Between Trees.” Then What?

Ying-ying, the tiger girl with the power of tiger falls in the trap of a man. The man leaves this beautiful and innocent tiger alone and goes to catch another prey. The tiger feels full of remorse that she couldn’t do anything to save her live. Indeed, she liked being with the predator. She liked the predator and devoted her life to him; she used to wear whatever could please him. Anyway, the predator is gone now and the prey is alone. No, sorry! She is not alone since she has another prey inside herself. But…she doesn’t want to have any sign of the escaped predator, from when she had forgotten herself to please him. So she removes all signs that can remind her of being a prey. She goes to a village to filter her spirit. She hides weaknesses and so her powers. She waits until she can find a good time to show up. But, wait! To show up and what? To bounce and catch a prey!? She? She waits until she finds another man. This time she is not immature anymore. She doesn’t let the man to get her so soon and without any endeavor. The tiger waits four years to see whether this man is worthy to live with or not. Yes, and she “allows” the man to catch her.

She, the tiger, still is waiting for a chance. However she’s found her man of life, she does not show her real characteristic to him. Despite that the man is kind to her and so she is, the tiger does not reveal her emotions. She is still the waiting tiger between the trees.

Here is the question: she is waiting between the trees for what? To find a chance to come out or to die? I can’t understand how long she wants to wait there and what she is following there. She is waiting to have a daughter and then give her spirit to her! She is silent, she has thrown away her emotions and love and passion –she has thrown herself away– so to have a baby girl in future and maybe she can talk to her and reveal her secrets!? Honestly speaking, it does not make sense to me that Ying-ying waits between the trees in order to find someone to tell her not to wait for anybody and say whatever is in your mind – the thing that she has done to herself!


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