Suyuan Woo’s Character

From The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan, I like Suyan Woo’s Character. Suyan Woo appears to be very determined, optimistic, and strong woman. During the Japanese invasion in China, Woo founded the Joy Luck Club in order to bring hope to be lucky or to bring hope to their joy (10-4). Moreover, she continues the Joy Luck Club in America with another three women.  Although she had fled from China leaving behind her everything, which includes her home, parents, family, friends, husband, and two twin daughters, she started a better life in America. She got married again, she opened Joy Luck club and began to rehabilitate. Although she did not know how to speak English fluently, she did not see America as a strange place where almost all the people speak English. Rather, she defined America as place where people could do many things to make better life (141).

Moreover, she did not forget about China. While leaving her twin daughters in China, she left them on the road with enough money, jewelries, and photos with her information on its back so that she could get find them again (327). After marrying Canning, her second husband, in America, they went back to China on “Tour”. At that time also she looked for her daughters. She wrote many letters from America to her Chinese friends to find her daughters. Even though she heard that streets name in china had been changed, she persevered to write letters. She did not lose hope (328-9). These evidences show how determined and strong she was.

If we were in her case, firstly I guess a great many of us won’t be able to come up with ideas like Joy Luck Club to help Chinese people during the calamities. Secondly, we’d take time to adapt in another big country like America without our friends and beloved ones. It’s nature for most of us to feel apprehensive and get culture shock when we alter our home. Moreover, it’s very hard to be optimistic and face challenges and obstacles for many of us. We either seek our parents’, friends’, teachers’ or elders’ suggestion during tough situations. However, Woo didn’t even share about her twin daughters to her husband.

Therefore, I really appreciate Suyuan Woo’s character. She exemplifies a character of a strong and determined woman.

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