See You Later, Ying Ying

                I see my wife and daughter, Ying Ying and Lena, but I cannot communicate with them. More accurately, it is out of my hand. Nobody can see me, and I am not able to touch anyone or anything. Many times, I endeavor to lay my hand on Ying Ying’s shoulder, when she feels sad, but she doesn’t feel my existence.

                Last year, because of a heart attack, I died. I remember the time I came out from my body without noticing that I had already became a ghost. Ying Ying was with me at that time, and this was the first time I had ever seen her cry. Surprisingly, I hugged her, but implausibly, she went through my body. I know the gap between us is so far, more than ever, that we no longer can contact with each other. We are in different world. 

               Since that time, I have always been with her wherever she goes. Today, I am so glad she will visit Lena’s house. I don’t want to see her spend most of her time at home and doing housework. Sometimes, she makes me worried because she spent many hours sitting besides the window. However, when we are in Lena’s house, something terrible happened. She reveals her story in her past. I can’t imagine that she will make me shocked. Until she finishes her story, I still can believe in my ears. Going out of the house, I get irate that she concealed her big secret from me for a long time. I close my eyes and think about a beach. And I am in Hawaii. I come along the shore feeling the wave, wind, and fresh air. Yet I cannot forget about that time. After three days, I choose the best option, forgiveness. Actually, I also have to be blamed because I never asked her to tell me about her life. I have never thought that she experienced a miserable life in her past. Therefore, it must have been hard for her to remind and disclose it.

                When I come back, Lena has already been in our house. She is folding her clothes, and letting them into her suitcase. They are going to take a trip to China, and I know the meaning of this journey. Lena can have time to balance herself and understand Ying Ying more. Besides, Ying Ying can visit her hometown. I am so happy that they are in the same path at last. This journey will be the last one I will have been with them. Then I feel relaxed to leave this world, to rebirth.

                 Ying Ying, if it is possible, I want to be your husband again. Live happy until you meet me. I will wait for you, and I promise to be a good husband to compensate for my faults in this life.

Thu Nguyen

4 Responses to See You Later, Ying Ying

  1. meihuilan says:

    Your writing is always really beautiful and creative. I enjoyed reading it very much!
    When I read the book, I didn’t think about Ying-ying’s husband too much as he didm’t play a significant role in this book. However, you paid attention to really small things and analyzed the his feelings, which Tan didn’t mention, thoroughly. Besides, the problems between Ying-ying and her husband can be also seen from your writing — the problems of communication. I also hope that Ying-ying’s husband would understand her feelings, and they would live happily in their next lives, if there are next lives.

  2. phamtram says:

    Hey Ying-ying’s husband,
    You understand her feelings and sympatize with her. However, did you feel that she used you as her scapegoat? Did she really love you? Or did she use you as her refuge? Why didn’t she marry you before her first husband’s death? Was she sinister because somehow, she wanted to take revenge on her first husband? How could she abort an innocent boy just because of its unloyal father? You can love her and forgive for her, but you should look at her heart to discern that whether or not she deserved to your love.

  3. tausifa says:

    Dear Ying-ying’s husband,
    You are really very kind. After hearing Ying-ying’s past life, you still want to have her as your wife again. I surprised, why do you still love her when she hid her secrets from you for the whole life ? Don’t you feel that she didn’t believe you? No, she did. Actually she loved you, and that’s why she didn’t want to shock you. I wish, you would be together again to have a happy life forever.

  4. Dear Thu:
    Your all blogs are beautifully created. I want to be a writer like you.
    Similar to the other blogs, this blog is also very good, and I enjoyed a lot by reading it.
    I am sad because I can’t able to read any more blog.
    Thank you for posting blogs.

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