response to the joy luck club

            Could you imagine of being treated as a foreigner by your own family? The novel The Joy Luck Club leaves many ideas behind to the readers. It talks several aspects relating to America and china, among which the American and the Chinese culture are mainly focused. The cultural and the linguistic changes within a single family can bring dramatic changes among the relationship of own family members. First of all, we know that language is the main source of communication. Therefore, we can see that the language plays a marvelous role in relating both the mothers and the daughters in this novel. Since they talk different languages that cannot be understood by the other; they had great conflicts and misunderstandings among each other – the mothers with daughters and vice versa. If there languages had been the same, then most probably they would have behaved better than how they did. They would have had better interaction among them. The daughters could have understood their mothers well and the mothers could have well explained what they wanted to their daughters. They could have solved their problems without that much disagreement, I suppose. We could imagine how it would be for us if our mothers and we talk different languages without one understand the other. We can feel that we would lose our own cultural values and get adapted to another culture where we would be brought up. On the one hand, we can feel that we will be gradually losing our national and cultural identity. On the other hand, we will be treated as a foreigner by our own people. Sometimes we might feel uncomfortable to accept our own cultural values. So we can imagine the consequences of having different language from our mothers. In the novel, neither mothers wanted to admit their daughters’ American culture nor the daughters wanted to admit their mothers’ traditional Chinese culture. Basically, I suppose this is due to not understanding each other. And that is because of their difference in languages.

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