Preference to Relationships 101

People have their own interpretations of love. Some people define love as a feeling, which is divine and limitless, while others think that love is a process that can be learnt in our family and society. However, have you ever thought, can love be taught in a classroom? After reading, “Relationships 101,” an article published in the Time Magazine in 2003, you can figure out whether love can be learned in a class or not.

This article is named after a course called “Relationship 101” that deals with the problems in the relations between men and women and provides prudent solutions to those problems. I think having these kinds of courses can help people to choose a compatible life partner. In the contemporary world, love has just become a fashion. Most of the teenagers in their school life are involved in relationships. They address one another as boyfriends or girlfriends. Being in relation is not bad, but being in an immature relationship might be problematic. In immature relationships, youths are more likely to date and have unsafe sex. Moreover, they will have more concentration in love than in studies, which might harm their education. Later, they begin to feel bore with one another and start to find defects in their partners which gradually changes their love into animosity. Nevertheless, they are unaware of the upcoming problems. Pre-marital sex can bring health as well as social problems to the youths in conservative societies, where morals about marriage and sex are absolute. Consequently, school drop-outs, abortion and suicide cases will be predominant where relationships between couples are weak and vulnerable. These hindrances are because of naïve love among the youths who think that love means staying together and dating each other several times.

Therefore, to avoid these problems courses like “Relationships 101” should be encouraged. They not only help youths to develop communication skills but also provide immense education on sex. These courses are flexible regarding gender roles and highly contrasting to the conservative values about pre-marital sex. Moreover, these courses teach us to be realistic rather than to be too optimistic in a relationship. In other words, these courses help individuals to know his or her standards and boundaries that help them to choose a suitable and understanding partner with whom they can live a happy life. Thus, this may increase better understandings about love, marriage, and relationships among individuals that may decrease problems resulted by vulnerable relationships.

Are you taking this course then?

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