Pearson’s Course

Reading the article “Relation 101” I wondered what the course designed by Marline Pearson at Madison Area Technical College in Madison was like. I found the article interesting where it said that the course was to foster smooth relationships between couples and learn about love. At some point, I wished we had this course in our university as well.

However, Beth Bailey’s quote brought me into consciousness. The quote said, “People fall in love. It’s not something where you can go down a checklist and match people up by scientific formula.” To some degree, I agree with Bailey. Love is not something you can measure and moreover you cannot force yourself to love someone who meets your criteria. This does not mean that I am against Pearson’s course. Here, I would like to answer Bailey. We all accept love happens itself, without you knowing it. But how many people have relationship out of conflict and tensions? In many love relationships, a gloomy cloud of misunderstanding casts an evil spell. In my opinion, the course would help couples understand their partners and get some tips that are usually successful in maintaining good relationships. As Sarah Brown brings up the fact about the demand of this course, Bailey should have once thought about the quest for knowledge on this matter from a larger population. In addition, the experience of Rebecca Olson after taking the course helps us to infer the underlying importance and benefits of this course for college students.

On the other hand, I think it is more about sharing experiences of one another in relation to their relationships. One can avoid certain behaviors by looking at the consequences of others who had such behaviors. Rebecca took the course to prevent the repetition of the mistake similar to her divorced parents. Moreover, as an emotional being, humans often go through ups and downs in their love life. So, at some point, this sort of courses will help them to get out of the mess and lead a normal life.

The other interesting line in the article I found was the one that said today’s emphasis was on enhancing communication skills. This sounded realistic to me. This is the age of communication and somewhere Pearson’s course seemed to cover this feature.

Thus, I found the article interesting and educational. Today, the rate of depression is increasing resulting from unhealthy love-life relations. So, this course may prevent the possible cases of depression.

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