On “Relationship 101”

When I read Buscaglia’s essay “Love Is a learned Phenomenon”, I didn’t able to completely agree with the writer’s point of view that love is something we learn from our surrounding. The fact that love is not human’s by born characteristics really bothered me as I had always believed that people are born with the feelings of love. Therefore, I started to ponder about the fact how love can be learned and why it’s important to learn. I didn’t able to come up with a convincing answer until I read the article “Relationship 101” by Times magazine. As I read the article things are start to become clear to me. I become convinced with the fact that things like love can also be learned and taught in class room. In fact, it is important and more beneficiary to learn about love and other different matters of relationship in class rooms in order to have a better understanding and better life.

Sometimes the way we express our love, respect, and emotions to others is matter more than how much we feel those things inside our heart. If someone doesn’t know how to express his or her emotions and feelings, it can create misunderstanding or the person could be misinterpreted. On the other hand, if a person knows how to behave in certain situation and how to express his or her emotions in a right way, he or she can easily convince people. Therefore, it is very important to know the right way to express one’s emotions and feeling. For example, for some people, love is all about taking control over someone’s life. As a result, in spite of having deep love, this kind of relationships don’t last for long as nobody likes to be controlled or dominated. If a person knows that love requires mutual understanding, reciprocal communication, and respect, he or she can certainly sustain his or her relationship for a long time in a healthy way.

Although I still believe that nobody can learn how to posses love in heart or have emotions and feelings for someone in class room, I certainly agree with the fact that the ways to have a healthy relationship with long lasting love can be provided in class rooms. Class rooms can teach us the right way to express our feelings, to show respects, to create understanding, and to establish better communication with other so that our relationships can work better.

What is inside our mind and heart reflects with our attitude and expressions. And how can we build a better attitude with a better way of expression can definitely be learned and taught in class rooms.


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