After reading “Talk in the Intimate Relationship: His and Hers”, I started to think whether love is a learned phenomenon or it evolves by itself and the answer what I get is that love can never be taught; it’s a natural feeling that evolved by itself.

Children never learn to love their parents as well parents also never learn to love their children. As soon as a child born, parents start to love their children. None come and teach them that they should love their child and take care of their child. Similarly as a child grows and recognizes own parents, he or she starts to love them; none come and teach him or her to love his or her parents. Similarly, in case of romantic love, love arises by itself. A person never plans or learns that he or she will love a definite person. When a person fall in love, he or she even do not realize that he or she is in love with someone else until he or she feels a sense of losing a loved one. It’s same in case of brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters never learn to love each other, but they love one another despite of daily quarrel and fights. They know how to protect each other from scolds of parents. They too know how to protect each other from their enemies. Especially in case of elder brother and younger sister, it is often seen that elder brother mostly protects younger sister from adverse effects of boys with immoral activities like mistreating and teaching girls. Similarly, it is often observed that a sister mostly follow her brother. The lesson that a brother should always protect a sister from evil eyes of such kind of boys with immoral activities and a sister should obey a brother is not taught to them. They learn these things by themselves in a form of love. So, love is not taught rather it grows by itself whenever it is required or whenever time comes.

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