Love must be taught.

Before reading this article “Relationship 101,” published in Time Magazine in 2003, I have an indistinct concept that love cannot be taught oneself, and now I realize that love education is essential for all. Although love is natural, the expressions of love can be taught.

It is very difficult to define love in words. I think love is such a strong feeling that can be defined as deeply gentle, adoring affection for another person. It teaches everyone how to respect, how to keep promise, and belief, and how to communicate better each other.

I think love should be taught from our childhood in family, society, schools, and colleges. Students are not concerned about how to communicate better each other, how to set up love connections effectively and successfully, how to create good judgment of each other’s manners and individuality and how to succeed in love. In our day today life, we frequently notice that most of the people cannot save the marriage because of various conflicts in their marriage life. Most of them are particularly forced by the desire to keep away from the shocking divorce they observe their parents continue. That’s why I think love education can decrease the internal conflict among people.

As most of the students tend to begin dating in high school, it is the most proper time to start teaching the students about relationships at that time. By this time, what they plant in their mind, it will last longer in their future when they enter adulthood. They will be able to understand the better way of communication to each other. Adolescence is such a period which is very confusing and that time they are ignorant of the practical life and cannot easily identify themselves. Besides, they are naïve enough to understand what is right or wrong. Learning love relationship skills can lessen the possibility of embarrassment that the students face in their life. This lesson will enhance their self-reliance and changes the vagueness of connection to controllable skills. Not only schools but also parents should pay attention to improve love education from their childhood.

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