Love is a four-letter word, which is known everywhere. I have always thought love as a natural occurrence. I mean how can you possibly teach someone to love right! You cannot force someone to listen to rock music and make him or her love it if he or she is simply not interested. You cannot ask a boy that you have a major crush on to love you back the way you do. It sounds bizarre and unexciting. Love should just happen. It should not be compelled or prepared, but should happen naturally.

Many of my friends think love is learned. They said that they learned to love from their parents and their parents learned from theirs. They compare love with care and support. They said that their parents had taught them how to care for people and help those who are in need. That is why they say love is learned. They are true at some point, if you love someone; you care about them and help them. On the other hand, you care about them and help them because you love them.

Our love for our parents is natural. Our love for our friends is natural. So why do people say love is learned? It does not sound good. You cannot coerce someone to watch a cheesy movie and expect him or her to like it because you love it. How can you teach love? How can someone learn to fall in love? This sounds strange because if you are taught how to fall in fool, you become dependent on others judgment. Which I think is not good.

If love is learned, then will you only love those things that your parents love? What happens to your own likes and interest? Suppose you see a child on a street, hungry and poor, will you love him and help him or wait for your parents to teach you how to do that. Do not wait for someone to come and educate you about love.

Love should be a natural occurrence. You should love unconditionally and not expect someone to teach you. If you look at love from the person who teaches you how to, then you will only be able to see it from his or her perspective. What will happen to your point of view? It will never be heard.   

This is all I could think about. I am still not convinced how love can be taught or learned. What do you all think? Is it learned or natural? Why would people actually want to learn love when love is something that is innate and natural. 


About ztandee
Student at the Asian University for Women.

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