I am sorry, Mom!!!

Do you discern the disagreement in the chapter “Double Face”? Waverly wanted to be a Chinese because of fashion. However, she tried to change her mother’s appearance, which expressed clearly Chinese attributes, into a Western one. She did not know that these thoughts accidentally hurt her mother’s feelings. “I am ashamed she is ashamed. Because she is my daughter and I am proud of her, and I am her mother but she is not proud of me,” Lindo Jong said. Waverly endeavored to escape from her mother; she tried to conceal her mother’s conservative appearance. However, at the end of the chapter, Waverly attested to the truth that she was alike her mother, especially her crooked nose. Let’s remember the previous chapters to see how Lindo took pride in her daughter. She acclaimed Waverly about her ability to play chess everywhere she went, which made Waverly get indignant because she thought that her mother liked to show off.

Reading the chapter, I felt bitterly remorse. Like Waverly, I used to be indifferent to my mother; indeed, I never tried to understand her feelings, whereas I always wanted her to understand mine. I talked about freedom of an American teenager whenever she coerced me to do or not to do something. I murmured about Confusion’s theories about humane mothers whenever she gave me reprimands. I compared my friend’s mother, who was modern and lenient, with her whenever she forced me to wear old-fashioned dresses. To be candid, I even wished not to be her daughter because she was so conservative. Every time my school held meetings with students’ parents, I made many excuses so that she did not have to be present: my mother was sick; she had to look after my brother; she went to her relatives’ houses. In addition, I was so innocent that I never wondered if she realized my shame of her. However, she has changed a lot since she became a shopkeeper: her hair had a short style, which was modern in these days, rather than her long “the Great Wall” one; her dresses were fashionable styles rather than old-fashioned ones as she used to wear. I was surprised. I got indignant. Why did she waste money on unnecessary things? Why did she fret too much about herself? Worse than Waverly, I was jealous of my mother. How bad I was! I was never satisfied with my mother; indeed, I always tried to decipher her faults. Now, I want to apologize to her; I want to hug her and express my love. Is it too late to do these things?


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