Husband-Wife Relationship

              A husband-wife relationship is a very sensitive matter. It is like elastic. If you pull it too hard from the two sides, it becomes narrow in the middle. As a result, one time it will tear. Similarly, if anyone is not happy in his or her relationship, always pulls it by compromising with own expectations only to continue his or her relationship, the affiliation between them becomes narrow. As a consequence, that type of relationship doesn’t remain too long; either it will break one day or there will be no sweetness in between them. A good relation grows between a man and a woman when respect, love and understanding exist. If any of them is missing that relationship has to suffer for a long time. However, god has created man and women with different physical structure and mentality. Sometimes their thinking style differs. They express same thing in different ways and that’s why a relationship requires understanding. Unfortunately, sometimes though husband and wife love each other, their marriage breaks only for misunderstanding.  If a husband and wife can understand what they expect from each other, then it will be easier for them to be in a lovely relationship. Actually, women expect care and involvement from their husbands. When their husbands fulfill their wants before they have asked them, women feel that their husband cares and loves them. On the other hand, men love to do anything if they asked. After passing some time they feel there should be no hesitation between him and his wife. Moreover, to take any decision women love to take their husbands opinion, whereas men like to take individually.

             In Joy Luck Club we see several relationships. One of them is relationship between Harold and Lena St. Clair. They love each other and shared everything, but they don’t understand each other. Lena always compromise her all hopes only for being in a relationship. Another is Rose Hsu Jordan and Ted. Ted always made all decisions. He never understood her and gave any chance to take any decision. As a result, Rose almost forgot how to make own decisions. Lastly, their marriage had to face the problem of  divorce. However, it is seen that only love is not enough for a relationship. Understanding each other is the most essential part of a relationship. If understanding is missing, then one day love will disappear.

About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

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