How effective can the course “Relationship 101” be?

    In “Relationship 101,” an article published in Time magazine in 2003, has discussed the various forms of education about relationships and their differences in content. The formal education related to human relationship started in the 1950’s as “Marriage education.”  This subject became so hollow that students started making fun of this concept. Then, another form of education was introduced known as “Polarized sex education” in the 1980’s. Finally, another meaning of relationship known as “Relationship 101” was developed. It was based on communication skills and understanding between partners rather than dumping all the information about physical education and religious points of view related to relationships over and over again. Relationship 101 is a comprehensive education which provides knowledge on basic and subtle ways to communicate which helps to avoid misunderstanding.

The issue that “love is a learned phenomenon” can be important to be discussed in order to analyze the effectiveness of Relationship 101. Each individual has a point of view about this. According to my point of view, I believe that education helps people to know how to make a relationship stable. However, the implementation of knowledge will not be possible because in order to implement the knowledge, it will have to change our behavior or thoughts which cannot be possible for most of the people. It’s very rare where we are able to change ourselves intentionally forever. If a person has a discussion with his or her partner, they may try to be good and reciprocate their partner in a calm manner even if they are being yelled at. It is an application of theoretical knowledge that one should not burst at the time their partner is angry. Our application of the knowledge on maintaining proper understanding works until we can control our emotions which do not last for a long time. The day will come when suppressed feelings overflow and one is compelled to say, “Ok, I can’t hold this anymore.” Your exposure of true feeling will make you feel light. Though the situation can be handled temporarily according to what is learnt, one won’t be able to suppress true emotions forever. To conclude, the contents of Relationship 101 are comprehensive to maintain relationships, but its effectiveness and practice depends on individuals.

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