Can Love be taught in Classroom?

When I find others are very caring to me, I feel that they love me. For example, in A.U.W., my friends always take care of me. If I am not with them for long time, they feel worried about me.

Love is something that cannot be defined in one word. Love is internal feeling that comes from the core of our heart. Human beings generally learn the term “love” from their family. For instance, my family members always take care of me. They are happy when they see me happy. Whenever I am worried about something and wishing to share it with someone, they realize it. They come forward to help me and make the environment easy for me so that I can feel free to share my feelings with them. They encourage me in my activities and make suggestions when I am disappointed. Without telling them, they can understand what’s going on in my mind in the same way I do. To me, this is the way how love is being expressed not only in a family but also with others such as friends.

Can love be taught in classroom? In a way, I think it can be taught in class. For example, there may be some students who don’t understand the term ‘love’ because their family bond is not that much strong. Their parents might not take care of them and they might never try to understand their children. Or, those students may have come from orphanages where they might never have such feeling as there was no one who can understand them. Hence, for them, classroom is the best place to learn love because in classroom, teachers are always very friendly with their students and they try their best to understand students. Teachers are the respected persons who can show students the best path for their future. Teachers play a vital role in enlightening students with all good things and they love their students very much. In this way, they can teach those students the meaning of love. Moreover, when those students will attend class with others, other students will help them to realize love.

In another way, I don’t think love can be taught in classroom. For example, some classes are held on how to love one’s partner in some institutions. I think these institutions aren’t really teaching the way to love. When somebody falls in love with opposite gender, they suggest acts that can be taken in order to make the relationship successful. Hence, I don’t think any institution can teach students how to fall in love with opposite gender.

One Response to Can Love be taught in Classroom?

  1. tdenkar says:

    Well, i agree with you that institutions arent teaching us the way to love others; however, i would say that love can be learnt in classrooms. For instance, we do alot of group works in our classrooms where we get to know much about each other. Also, we become closer when we know much about our friends. When we feel much closer, we develop certain attachment and intimacy. This is what we call friendship love. so i would say that we can somehow learn to love in our classrooms. ^_^

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