Bitter truth is difficult to express.

In The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, Lindo Jong is afraid to reveal about Suyuan’s demise to Jing-mei’s long-lost sisters. Therefore, she presents the issue to the Joy Luck Club and carries out a discussion with Ying Ying and An-mei. They feel very bad when they reminiscence about Suyuan’s sudden death and her everlasting longing for her lost daughters. Finally, they decide to reply the daughters’ letter being Suyuan filling the letter with the fake hope of meeting their mother. However, later, Jing-mei compels Lindo Jong to write letter about the fact though it is bitter so that her half-sisters do not misunderstand her when they meet in Shanghai.

Similar to Lindo Jong and the Joy Luck Club, I too find very difficult to disclose bitter truths to others. For example, when I was in twelfth grade in high school, our first year’s result was out. As I used to stay in hostel, and I did not have internet facility at night, I did not know about the result. Later, my best friend called me to say me, “Congratulations!” I told her to look up for my hostel friends’ results too. I noted all my friends’ results down as she told me, and I was stuck on one of my very close friends’ result. Suddenly, my excitement descended. I told her her secured marks, but I was surprised to see her still in the mood of celebration. Later, I came to know that she had calculated her marks adding the practical marks for Chemistry with the theory marks and had thought that she passed in all the subjects. That was the very awful moment when I had to intrude on her joy. I did not have any idea how to tell her that bitter truth. Later, when we were getting ready to go to school, she came to my room for ironing her skirt, so I thought I had to tell her the truth before she directly got assailed by the reality. Therefore, with a great courage, I told her to subtract her practical mark from her total mark in Chemistry, and then she started crying. I could not help myself, so my eyes too were watery. I felt like I seized her happiness, but she had to overcome with that situation one way or the other.

Indeed, bitter truth is always very difficult to express.

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2 Responses to Bitter truth is difficult to express.

  1. thu says:

    Anshu oi,
    Thanks for sharing your story. You remind me my mother.
    I think every mother has her own way to teach us, and they are all so good, your mother is absolutely right. We should believe in ourselves and try to do whatever we want, so we never have to feel remorseful about our decisions. Mothers are always excellent, aren’t they?

  2. Dear Kalpana,
    You did a right job in telling the truth to your friend. I also believe that we should not hide the truth no matter if it is bitter. Your friend was happy because she thought that she had passed the exam. However, it was her misunderstanding and if you would not have told her, she would have known from someone else. At that situation, she would have been much more depressed. So, I too think that bitter truth is difficult to tell and even more difficult if the truth is about the one whom you love.

    Digya Shrestha

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