Love Cannot be Taught

After reading the article “Talk in the Intimate Relationship: His and Hers”, a question arose in my mind if people really have to learn to love or to be attached to someone. Then my heart replied “No.” I feel like love is not something learned, rather felt. Marriage education and sex education is essential because they help individuals to know about their physical, mental and emotional changes with respect to time. The article specially talks about the love between opposite sexes and the attempts approached to help the youngsters to build a healthy relationship.

The excitement and emotions in the adolescent stage is inevitable. Being attracted and falling in love with some one of opposite sex is not a strange thing. But I think we don’t need to learn to fall in love with them or to be attracted towards them. We never know how we get attracted to the people and start to love their voice, their eyes, and their smile, whatever they do and however they are. The ways of expressing love, the ways of approaching people whom we love can be taught but how is it possible to teach how to love and how to handle the relationship? No matter how much people take classes of handling relationships and making their partners happy, these all do not remain long lasting. The nature of people and their behaviors can’t be hidden by some formulas or techniques applied for short period of time in order to please the partner. People remain as they are and longevity of relationships depends on the nature of people.

New born babies are never taught to love their mother, but they still get attached to their mother within very few days after their birth. Moreover, when we see poor and incapable physically or mentally disabled people, we feel sympathy and love for them. This feeling is never taught by any one. The circumstances and our heart compel us to know what should we feel and what should we do, so is the case of love for opposite sex. The feelings can neither be taken under control nor be taught by others. I guess destiny and our hearts themselves choose and learn whom to love and how to love. Moreover, in my view, it is not the lesson that is taught in the classrooms, which helps to handle the relationship. Rather, the pain, the tears, the love that we get and the love that we shower on someone special, teach us how to be strong and live happily.

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