wide anle and my response

Education is the most valuable things in the world. If we look at the history of human civilization, we will see that those countries are the leading countries in the world that are advanced in education. On the other hand, developing countries are not so upward in education sector. As we read a documentary film transcript in our reading and writing class, we knew about the image of education in some countries. Now, I am going to tell some of my personal experiences, which will help you to understand the condition of education system in Bangladesh.

It was 2000, when my mother and I went with my father’s workplace to live with him. As my father had a government residence in a village, I was admitted in the village school. There were a few students in my class from three villages. I was surprised comparing with my previous school, which was in my hometown. Additionally, I discovered that my classmate knew very little things and their books were not so good. As I found that I was familiar with most of the things of my new books, I lost my interest in new school and new curriculum. I did get some friends, but they were elder than me. Moreover, the girls used to talk about marriage. They used to say that they would be married within a short time. The classes were taken irregularly as the here teachers were not only insufficient but also irresponsible. There were a few students who passed exams and a fewer students who could pass class five. However, the girls were not sent to high school as it was far from the primary school and the boys joined in farm work or found it unnecessary to go high school. One day, a girl, who was reading in class five over 3-4 years, took me to her home and showed me her baby. I was so surprised that the girl played with me in the school time and now showing her baby. How could a schoolchild have baby? The villagers were also illiterate and a few of them were careful about the education of their children. I found one boy’s mother who was so eager about his study. Her husband and elder son were rickshaw puller, so she wanted to see her younger son educated and doing better job than his father and brother. However, I became sick and wished to study in my previous school, so my parents brought me back home and I was happy.

Though it was a long time ago and many things have improved within those years, the picture has not changed entirely. Early marriage, lack of teachers and schools, parents’ unawareness and illiteracy, and social stereotypes are main reasons for lack of education. I will present the present condition in my proposal!!!! Thank you.

2 Responses to wide anle and my response

  1. meihuilan says:

    Thank you for sharing your own experiences! I’ve learned a lot about the education of Bangladesh through your story. I am also surprised that the girl who was attending primary school had gotten married. I guess there must be a certain number of girls who are facing the same problem in the world today. As the poor education of girls is related to the problems of gender discrimination, poverty, and perhaps culture, this issue requires public attention. I hope there will be more people reading this story and taking some actions for those girls.

  2. nusrat4 says:

    Hi Sohana,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. To be honest, your story didn’t surprise me; moreover, it really concerned me about the education system of our country. In my native village, i have also seen this kind of problems. On one hand, in our country the education system is really poor, specially in the rural areas. On the other hand, early marriage, poverty, superstition, gender discrimination, conservative mind sets, and cultural restrictions increases this prevailing problem of education. Therefore, its become very hard to solve the problems regarding education.
    I am happy that you became able come out of that situation and finally went back to your previous school. However, i also want to say that turning our back will never going to solve this problems. We have to stand up against this and work together in order to get a well educated Bangladesh.

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