When Jing-mei is in the Kitchen

After Waverly makes a severe judgment for Jing-mei’s work that has been done for Waverly’s firm, Jing-mei gives all the guests a smile; then, she carries plates and walks to the kitchen. After putting plates in the sink, Jing-mei stands still there…

            I’m suddenly assailed by a strong feeling with the flow of my blood. I can’t tell what it is; perhaps it is anger, shame, or sadness. I know, Waverly must be very proud of herself right now. I can hear her harsh grating laugh from the living room, which makes me sick. However, I have to acknowledge that she was right; I will never be as sophisticate as her. Yes, I won’t. I’m only a small copywriter, so I can only handle small things that those great people don’t care. It seems impossible that I can be as sophisticate – a word she used – as her. How could I be such foolish that expected to confront her by showing my work? I have already known that I’m not a prodigy.

Jing-mei turns on the water and starts to wash dishes. Her eyes become more and more red.

            What does mom think about me now? She always wanted me to be a prodigy when I was young. I still remember the days she asked me to learn piano with Mr. Chong. She must have expected me to win the first prize in the talent show, but I didn’t. After that, she still asked me to play piano, again, I didn’t. Then, everything she expected me to do has turn out to be a failure. I think she must have realized that I’m not a genius at all, that’s why she agreed with Waverly just now. I should be happy because my own mother can accept my nature, right? Why am I feeling so sad? When she said that I must have been born in this way, I felt really hurt.  My mom, who had seized every opportunity to make me genius before, didn’t do the same thing anymore. She even didn’t give me a chance to have another try! Suddenly, I feel that I’ve been abandoned by the world, including my mother. I’m so easy to be satisfied, which determines that I won’t be the best, neither can I make my mother feel proud of me, forever.

            A sound from outside tells me all guests are leaving. I have to wipe my tears away. I know mom is coming, and I won’t let her see my tears.

2 Responses to When Jing-mei is in the Kitchen

  1. vythai says:

    Mei, fantastic story. you are a very good storyteller. you discover Jing Mei’s feeling very thoroughly. i like reading yours very much.

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