My Body Is My Enemy!

              When I read the chapter ‘Magpies” from the novel The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, I feel very upset. In this chapter An-Mei narrates the truth how her mother becomes a concubine of the affluent man Wu-Tsing. An-Mei comes to know how her mother was coerced into being Wu-Tsing’s concubine through the manipulations of his second wife. The second mother arranged her evil plan to make her mother a concubine. She helped Wu-Tsing to rape An-Mei’s mother. When she was raped, her family didn’t accept her. She didn’t have any choice but to be a concubine of Wu-Tsing. She had to lead a disgraceful life, but she didn’t reveal anything to others until her death as she thought her sorrows would give them joy.

            Reading this chapter I reminisce about the secret post I read in the “Freedom of Expression Week” by AUW. One girl wrote how she had been raped by her cousin. She wrote that she didn’t reveal the truth to anyone, and she couldn’t take revenge on that bustard. I wonder, what would happen if she revealed the truth to her family? I am sure her family would tell her to hide the truth because it could bring dishonor for her family. There are hundreds of girls in Bangladesh, who are sexually abused by the male people in this society. They can’t express their sorrows to their family, and they can’t do anything against those bustards. How helpless we are! These situations remind me that gender discrimination is not only a social injustice; rather, it’s also a biological phenomenon. Our body is our own enemy! When a woman is raped by a man, what can she do without her family’s support? An-Mei’s mother was a pious widow who used to go to the temple every day for the peace of her husband’s soul. When she was raped, her family misunderstood her. How it is possible! How can parents become suspicious about their daughter’s character?

            When An-Mei’s grandparents coerced her mother into leaving their house, what she could do except leaving her house? After leaving years after years in a house we can’t claim this as our own house. As a girl, I am also thinking deeply, where is my house? We are born at our father’s house, then we have to go to our husband’s house, and at last we pass our adulthoods in our sons’ house. During this long journey of life, we don’t have a permanent residence. If our parents or husbands leave us, we can’t say anything. Girls, have you ever thought where your house is?  How helpless we are in this world!


6 Responses to My Body Is My Enemy!

  1. Dear Khus Dil,
    It was your great thought to think where your house is. However, I Don’t think girls are always helpless. Women are blessed with power. When we find the hidden power in ourshelves, we would not need help of our parents or our husband. Similarly, if we have faith in ourshelves, we can build our own house. Why are we studying? Why are we struggling to make our future? Is it just to support our husband or our family? I think we have to be prepare for every circumstances that may occur in our life. It was diferent case with An-Mei. I think you should not worry about your house. You have long way to go.

  2. auwpriyanka says:

    Hey Tausifa,
    I think your observation is an interesting one. You have introduced that we women do not have a permanent house. Our body is not actually ours, but I would like to say that we women do not need to think about whose home we are staying in. We should think what we can do to develop our own identity because we can build our own homes if we are strong and capable enough.
    I want to say that today we all are familiar with women’s miserable condition; therefore, we should move forward to stop these kinds of incidents. We are the future generations and we should not lose hope. I think you know the famous proverb, where there is a will, there is a way. Hence, we can build our better future ourselves. We just need to have confidence and strength.

    • tausifa says:

      Hey girls, thanks for your comments. I also think that i’ve to build my own identity. I will study so that i can influence this society. i want to build my own house too. let’s try together to change this ugly world! _____

  3. samia71 says:


    You brought a very relevant topic in this blog. I am surprised to see how you smoothly go to your writing and describe the problem by applying your thinking skill. It’s a pleasure to me to read this blog… are on the way of brilliance!

    and, yes! obviously I appreciate your observation power!

    I wanna say something on the fact that ‘a woman has no any permanent residence.’ My view is that we can make our ‘own’ resident if we can stand on our own self. That means if we have jobs, we have our own ‘positions’…we can create our own spaces…is it not possible?? We can’t omit our situation, but we can try to improve it in other way. A man has his own position because he earns. He feeds his family that is why he has a power to express his opinion, to create his own identity..and a resident…..society gives them priority…but, now the way of thinking is changing. I believe that a woman has a firm ability to make her own resident, her own identity. I know maybe it is still tough to gain because it is against the societal structure, but why does a woman always become the scapegoat?

    Yes, I know making the change is always tough, but not impossible!

  4. tausifa says:

    Dear Samia, you are right. That’s i think all the time. We have to establish our own identity. Think, if same situation happens to us like An-Mei’s mother, and our families leave us, what will happen that time? wherever we go, our body will become our enemy. I saw many movies like that, so we should think about only and only our position in this society.

  5. rstha says:

    Dear Tajjali,

    This is a very heart touching and real truth which you have expressed. Somewhere, somehow, the body of women is an enemy for herself. It is a pain within women where she has to fear from her own body for being attacked by others. I didn’t go through the secret which you have included in your blog, but I know that these merciless incidents take place in many parts of the world.
    Hope people facing such abuse would come forth and fight for justice, so that women would no more have to bear such a fear.

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