Mother’s Notion

     In the chapter “Rules of the Game,” in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club, the main character Waverly Jong said that her mother, Lindo Jong, taught her “the art of individual strength.” Here, in the text, individuals strength is referred to their ability to persuade others to believe their point of view; so that, they can get respect from others. Along with this knowledge, as time elapsed, Waverly Jong realized that “the art of individual strength” could also be one of the best strategies to win chess games in chess competitions. She discovered the chess games seek individuals’ strength to see the end of the game before the game starts. Furthermore, her mother also taught her not to reveal all her secrets. Instead, it should be kept for the appropriate time in the future. In the same way, the chess games for Waverly were the game of secrets which she never told anyone but only exhibited byher actions. In the same way, in the chapter, “Magpies,” of The Joy Luck Club, An-Mei has learned a lesson from her mother’s life experiences that one should never hide one’s sorrow and pain in order to build one’s position in society. As her mother never revealed how she had become a concubine, she had to suffer hatred from her own mother and brother. In one way or the other, each mother has taught her daughter the tricks to lead her life successfully.

      When I was reading these chapters, I remembered one lesson which my mother had taught me when I was in class 10. She said, “If your decisions are rational, then do not worry about what society say. You should do whatever you think is appropriate with the time.” Her notion has made me able to make many right decisions. For example, when I got  admission to AUW, many of my best friends warned me not to leave for Bangladesh. They said it  because I had  joined undergraduate courses and also had completed my 1st year in Nepal. Moreover, they said that I would lose another year of my life reading Access Academy courses. Their words were quiet blunt, but it was true in some way that I would lose two years of my life if I joined AUW. However, when I myself researched about AUW, I made a decision to join. Somewhere inside me I  had a sad feeling for losing two years of my life; a stereotype,which my society had embedded on me, but I know the decision which I made is worthy to make myself a part of today’s competitive world. My mother’s notion for me became an inspiration, which I never regret.

One Response to Mother’s Notion

  1. thu says:

    Anshu oi,
    Thanks for sharing your story. You remind me my mother.
    I think every mother has her own way to teach us, and they are all so good, your mother is absolutely right. We should believe in ourselves and try to do whatever we want, so we never have to feel remorseful about our decisions. Mothers are always excellent, aren’t they?

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