Mother’s Love is as vast as the Sky……

      In “Magpies,” one of the chapters of The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan has presented the infinite love of mothers as An-Mei’s mother sacrifices her life to make An-Mei’s life more comfortable and safe. She poisons herself by eating poisoned dumplings and dies two days before the Lunar New Year. It is believed in Chinese culture that on the third day of someone’s death the spirit would come back to fulfill incomplete tasks and in the New Year one should be free from all debts. In the case of her mother, her third day of death would be the Lunar New Year. This would compel Wu-Tsing to take good care of An-Mei and give her a better life. An-Mei’s mother is a representative of the mothers in the world, all of whom bear equal altruism and love for their children.

“A mother is a mother,” is the only way to express how intense and indefinable mother’s love for their children is. The sacrifice of An-Mei’s mother for the sake of An-Mei’s better life reminded me of an incident of my childhood. I was very young when this incident occurred. It was my best friend’s mother whom I saw lying in a bed. I was there to accompany my best friend. Her mother was in her pregnancy when suddenly she fell down from the stairs and had to decide between her life and her baby’s. My best friend’s aunt approached and told my friend to visit her mother as we were outside the room. She told my friend to say whatever she wanted as she may not be able to see her again. We didn’t know what her aunt was alluding to. We went inside and I stood behind my friend where she was embracing her mother and talking to her in a low voice. Her mother was then taken to another room and we were sent back to my home. The next morning, we learnt that her mother had died giving birth to her daughter. It was one of the saddest moments of my life where I saw a baby girl’s new life beside her mother’s dead body. She was a mother who sacrificed her life for her daughter.

To conclude, the word mother is vast as no one can measure the love within them, the same love made to sacrifice An-Mei’s mother and my best friend’s mother’s lives.


One Response to Mother’s Love is as vast as the Sky……

  1. vythai says:

    Dear Rasani,
    Thanks for sharing such an emotional story. In fact, mothers are those who always sacrifice themselves for us. Reading your story, i remember my mother a lot. I love her very much. i believe you also love your mother. but i feel remorse because I have never said thanks to her because she gave birth to me. I also never said i love her very much. let’s do that whenever we can so that we don’t feel regretful anymore. OK?

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