After reading “Magpies”, I truly came to realize the giving nature of mothers. They can do anything for their children; they can even give their own life in order to make their children’ life better. Similarly, in “Magpies”, An-Mei’s mother always wanted An-Mei to be in better place though she was discarded from her own house for being concubine of rich merchant Wu Tsing, after the death of her first husband. So firstly, she brought An-Mei to Wu Tsing’s house from her brother’s house, so that An-Mei could not have to suffer from narrow traditional concepts, which were the most valuable things for her brother and mother. After that also, she could not find the better place in Wu Tsing’s house due to her disrespectful position of concubine, so that she decided to give up her life. Wu Tsing used to greatly believe in ghost and the dangers, ghost can cause if the requirements of that ghost is not fulfilled and An-Mei’s mother was well-known that Wu Tsing knew her only one wish, that is her daughter’s prosperous life. So, she sacrificed her own life to provide the better life to An-Mei.

In similar way, our parents also give their best in order to provide us the best life. Since our birth, our parents always try to provide us the best things in our life. It may be the best food, the best dress, the best toys, the best school uniform, the best education and all the best things that are required in our life. Actually, our parents spent their whole life in order to make our life best. Similarly, my parents have always given the best things in my life, the best school, the best college and now the best university in spite of many troubles and financial crisis. My parents have always done their best to provide me and my brothers with the best education so that we can be successful person in our life and stand on our own feet. So, I always proudly say that my parents are the best parents.


One Response to Magpies

  1. fmoriam says:

    I totally agree with your response. Parents can do everything or should I say anything for their children. no matter what the financial condition of the parent is, they try to give their children the best things in the world. An-mei’s mother didn’t even hesitate to give her sacrifice her for her daughter, but it is also true that if An-mei’s mother was not forced to be concubine, she might not have to give her life. Again, I become a bit confused after reading your response. Do you really think that An-mei’s mothe returned to her home to take her daughter with her? If it was so, then why did she only take An-mei? Why did she not take her son? When she was leaving her home after her mother’s death, she told An-mei that she could come with her if she wanted. I am not sure, but your point of view can also be true.

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