While I was reading the epic Iliad, I was surprised that the gods of that time had politics between them. For example, Hera, Athena and Hera’s son were making a plan to throw out Zeus from his seat. Moreover, Achilles and Thetis, Achilles’ mother, were making a plan so that Troy could win over Greece. All characters in the story have politics between them. All were selfish and just wanted to do harm to others for their own convenience. In addition to this, they had never tolerated anyone dishonoring them. If anyone had ever dishonored them, they would make new plans to dishonor and take revenge on them. For instance, when Agamemnon dishonored the priest of Apollo, the god Apollo became angry and sent a plague to the land where Agamemnon and his warriors were living. As a result, all animals died in the place. Similarly, as I mentioned above, Achilles and Thetis had also tried to take revenge on Agamemnon. They wished that Troy would win so that Agamemnon and his warriors would understand how important Achilles was, and Agamemnon would realize that he did his own harm by taking away his prize.

I want to give you my opinion about our country’s democracy, which is a little bit similar to the politics between the gods of the Iliad. By reading this story, I remembered our politicians who make such plans for their own benefit. They all are corrupt. The money which the Government provides them to improve the status of the common people goes into these politicians’ bank accounts. Furthermore, if a person tries to denounce their scandals in public, then he or she becomes his enemy and they try to take revenge on the person.

However, it is possible to remove the corruption and evil ideas of politics from our society. If anyone did wrong, then we should speak in front of all people so that the mistake will never recur. For example, in these days, there are a few people who dare to argue with politicians. Recently, one of the activists, Anna Hazare, wanted to pass a bill which was against corruption, but for some reasons it failed to pass in parliament. Now, a few days ago Anna Hazare was on a hunger strike for four days, and he broke his strike on 9th April 2011(Gulfnews) because the government said that they would pass the bill in a few months (NPR). I hope that all students of AUW will be like Anna Hazare and try to eliminate these evil practices that are coming from long, long ago.

One Response to Iliad

  1. mumthaz says:

    Savitri, the political problem that you mentioned here is a problem not only in your country, that is seen in most of the countries. the politicians take care of themselves more than giving priority to the public. Yes, this is obvious in Iliods as well. the Gods are having many similarities to human beings and that makes their power week.

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