Education no matter what shapes a person. If one is not educated, one becomes an alien to the world. One becomes unknown. We call an educated person a sophisticated and skilled human, but what about those who receive no education at all. Do we ignore them or do we just say they do not deserve at all. How can a person become non-recipient of education? There are many reasons why a girl or a boy is not studying. There are family issues, political matter, diseases, and no proper education system. I personally often end up thinking, “Are we really doing something to help the ones who are deprived of education?”  We become very selfish, we are in the process of enlightening ourselves, yet we complain a lot. “The teacher gives us too much work,” “the teacher is bias,” “the teacher did a surprise ‘pop quiz,’” “the teacher talked about some useless matter in class today.” We often do that, every time a class gets over we start complaining; we dread to go to school. Nevertheless, do we think about those who “do not go to school at all?” We abhor extra homework. They might enjoy extra work. We loathe surprise “pop quiz,” they might enjoy it and do it wonderfully. We complain saying that the teacher talked about some futile matter, but those very “futile matters” might be so effective on them. They will find them interesting. Do you know why we complain? It is because we fail to look at the brighter side, we look at the darker side.

I had known very little, why people were unable to educate themselves. I had always thought that they just did not want to study. However, my ideas about them have changed a lot. Last week, as a member of AUW community teaching volunteer, we had to go to a place to teach little children. I was surprised that the children were very enthusiastic. They were amazing. While my friend and I were teaching, many other kids, young girls and boys, joined us. They were so much interested in learning. They wanted us to teach them more. However, “all good things come to an end,” we had to stop because our time was up. I am looking forward for the next time, can’t wait! I did learn something out of this; I learned to appreciate what I have. We are getting the most important things of all, education, while they have no access to it. Education is our backbone. If we are educated, we are informed. We become learned and skilled. Moreover, I am sure everybody wants to be learned and knowledgeable. We are the future leaders. In the future, we will have to make a difference. Does not matter whether it is a small one or a big one, it will count. Let us make this world a better place, let us complain less and work more.


About ztandee
Student at the Asian University for Women.

One Response to Education

  1. phamtram says:

    Hey Tandin,
    Congratulations for discovering magic to become a good person. It was an interesting blog because it gave me so much zeal to sustain my studies. You are right when saying that we do not know how to appreciate our happiness until we lose it. Let’s be grateful to everything we are having today because there are many people who are desiring for the smallest things, but they cannot.

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