Closer View of Neeraj

While reading the Wide Angle film script, Back to School, the story of Neeraj grabbed my attention. I could easily picture in mind the desert village in Rajasthan. I saw Neeraj attending night school like other girls in her village, making her steps to pursue her dream of being educated.

I felt pity for Neeraj, who had to do household chores all day long, while her brothers went to school. My heart moved when I saw a girl about ten returning home at late night when every other family member is asleep. I found myself secretly praying for her safety after seeing this. I fear if anything happens to her. How much we try to protect ourselves, still a girl has to fear moving at late night because of her physique. I wonder why this bitter fact is not being realized by Neeraj’s parents. Don’t they care about their daughter’s life and safety? Or maybe this small desert village respects women and such calamities never grip girls like Neeraj. However, even this does not convince me. If women were respected in this particular village, they would have sent their girls to day school and released them from such heavy burden of whole day chores.

Despite of all these circumstances, I respect Neeraj’s determination to receive education. Gripped with the responsibilities of household chores, she does not give up her courage to receive education. On the other hand, Neeraj’s compulsion to stop going to night school is very symbolic. She was taken out of school so that she could take care of young cattle and help her family in grazing their livestock. If this situation repeats each year and each year she has to remain away from school for two months, we cannot imagine Neeraj being able to pursue her dream of education. Continuous distraction from school may bring down her courage and determination. She may give up her hope and surrender herself to the tradition of desert village of Rajasthan.

Thus, with closer view of Neeraj’s steps towards receiving education, we should be able to understand where we are. In this regard, we are the lucky ones to land here. Girls like Neeraj are around the world, waiting for educated and aware humans like us to rescue them from their deprivation to easy access to education. Our combined steps can lead to a bigger change in the world.

One Response to Closer View of Neeraj

  1. phamtram says:

    Hey girl, you are right when saying that “Our combined steps can lead to a bigger change in the world.” In fact, we, poor students, do not have money or material to give them, but we have our time and efforts. Therefore, let’s join our hands together by studying well and taking part in teaching club so that we can provide poor students like Neeraj with basic education. Let’s remember that “They are waiting for us.”

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