Altruism: The Best Human Attribute

My feelings were fluctuating while reading the story “Best Quality” by Amy Tan. It made me bitterly indignant at first. I was so angry when Waverly was insulting June at her own house. How can she forget that she was a guest there? June, on the other hand, retorted to Waverly’s comments, but could not continue to do that for long. She just quit the conversation. Moreover, her mother supported Waverly when she said that June was not sophisticated. Then I was wondering that how a mother can be like this! She always wanted her daughter to be better than Waverly, now she is admitting with her that her daughter is really not sophisticated! But after clarification in class, I got to know the actual meaning of mother’s comment. She took the insult on her by saying June was not born the way.

Later in the story June’s mother appreciate the way she is. From the very childhood she had been coercing her to be someone special like Waverly. At the end, she realizes June’s altruism when she chooses the crab with the broken leg. On the contrary, Waverly chooses the best crab for herself and her family, which shows her selfishness. She does not even know how to behave like a guest.  Though June was not talented like Waverly, she has better characteristic than her. She has altruism, which is the best attribute of human. Altruism is such a good characteristic that makes our life important to others. That’s why, June’s mother gives her the pendant to make her understand the importance of life. June has always been thinking herself worthless, but she never recognized the precious part of her. Her mother used to wear that pendant, which had touched her skin.  So, she gave it to June so that it touches her skin too and she gets to know her importance. We, ourselves make our life important by our good characteristic. Following others footstep has nothing to do with it.

At the end, the altruistic character of June reminded me of my mother. She always picks the best piece of chicken and fish for my father. After serving my father, me and my sister, she keeps the smallest piece for her. Then suddenly, my father picks his piece and put that on my mother’s plate. After that both of them argue with each other for some time and then decide to divide their pieces in two and share. That’s the way they show their altruism and love to each other.

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