Why Do We Feel Bad When Our Mothers Scold Us?

A mother is the most valuable person in one’s life. It is because she is the one who is always a well-wisher and can do anything for her children. It is the mother who worries about her children selflessly. She may be hurt emotionally by her children, but never curses them, never wants something bad to happen in their life. Sometimes she behaves rudely with her children if they don’t do their work properly which does not mean that she does not love them. Her way of speaking may be harsh, but her great love for her children is hidden behind it. It is not visible to some children that their mother cares for them so much, and that’s why she rebukes them if she notices something wrong they are doing.

This also happens with Waverly Jong in the chapter “Four Directions” of the novel Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan. Here Waverly always misunderstood her mother Lindo, and her love. When Waverly was a very good chess player in her youth, Lindo was very proud of her. Her way of showing her affection and her love for her children like showing her daughter off might be wrong, but  her love was pure. Lindo was always a great support to her daughter for example, she always used to polish Waverly’s trophies and cut out the small newspaper that had mentioned her name. Waverly did not understand it until she lost in every game when her mother showed no support to her. Though Lindo showed that she would not support Waverly any more, she always stood beside Waverly. She always expected a good husband for Waverly, so when she eloped with a nineteen years old boy when she was only eighteen years old, she got hurt and misbehaved with Waverly. Actually, love was hidden behind this misbehavior. Though she acted that she didn’t like Waverly anymore after Waverly insulted her on the street, she loved her very much. She was worried about her daughter and went to her daughter’s apartment to see her how she was. Waverly misunderstood her mother when she commented on the mink jacket. When she told her mother not to criticize a gift and it was given from Rich’s heart, she retorted “That’s why I worry” (186). By saying this, her mother expressed her love and concern for her.

In short, a mother is precious; a mother is an epitome of altruism. I think we should keep it mind that whatever she says is for our well being, and also listen to her. We should never hurt her emotionally.

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